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Orbit is a cross-platform demo game for Stage.js—the best HTML5 engine for cross-platform game development! To package this game for mobile devices Cordova 3 is used.

Play it here

The game consists of following files:

  • www/index.html the page viewing the game
  • www/app.js game code including logic and ui
  • www/textures.js definition of game graphic textures
  • www/media/* graphic image files

In addition to the game files, Stage.js build for Cordova platforms is also needed:

  • www/stage.cordova.js

Now all you need is to build your project. But first make sure you have installed NPM and then install Cordova 3 CLI:

npm install -g cordova

You don't need to create a new Cordova project, but if you like just copy above files after creating it.


First, add iOS platform to your Cordova project:

cordova platform add ios

Then, use Cordova prepare command to prepare your iOS project using www and merges folders and Cordova config.xml file:

cordova prepare ios

You iOS project is ready and available in platforms/ios, you can run or build it using Cordova or your own development kit.

For other platforms you can follow similar steps.


Android is also similar but requires an additional step. First, add Android platform to your Cordova project:

cordova platform add android

HTML5 Canvas usually doesn't perform well on Android, but with FastContext Corova plugin you can wire it to a native GLSurface. Install FastContext:

cordova plugin add https://github.com/piqnt/fastcontext

Note that FastContext takes up entire screen and covers the HTML page.

Then, prepare your Android project:

cordova prepare android

Now your Android project is ready, again, you can run or build it using Cordova or your own development kit.


Graphic SVG files are included in arts folder. You can export them manually or use svgexport.

First, install svgexport:

npm install svgexport -g

Once svgexport is installed, you can export arts:

svgexport art/game.json
svgexport art/ios.json
svgexport art/android.json