A modern, light CSS UI framework by Shakr
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Petal CircleCI

Petal is a modern, light CSS UI framework developed at Shakr.

Petal aims to provide an ample set of consistently designed UI components you can easily utilize in your web projects.

Petal is fully coded on LESS from scratch.

Setting up Petal in your project

Download the latest release, copy the dist folder to your project folder. (You may want to rename it to something else.)

Insert the link to stylesheet in the <head> of your html:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="dist/petal.min.css">

Now you can use all the Petal classes and styles in your project's HTML file.

(If you need a pre-built, hosted CDN link, use the rawgit URL as explained in the documentation.)

Alternatively, if you want to install through npm, run

npm install petal.less

in your console.

Please refer to the documentation for other advanced ways to use Petal in your project.

Developing Petal

Build Petal

Petal uses Grunt for compiling LESS files to a single petal.css file. Run grunt petal to compile Petal for a single time. Run grunt dev to go into development mode where files in the Petal directory will be watched, building automatically when you make changes to any of the source files. (This will also build the documentation.)

Build Docs

Petal's documentation is built using Assemble. Run grunt (default task) to build Petal and documentation pages for a single time, grunt dev for continuous watching and automatic building. The documentation will be built into docs folder.

The dev task will also run a local webserver based on the docs folder. While running the dev task, you can access the built documentation at localhost:9000. The pages will also livereload when you save any of the watched files.


Please view Releases for the changelog.




Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.