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Complete CI/CD Development Platform as a Code
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Integrated system for the full cycle product development, from the source code to operational environments. Aggregates best DevOps and SRE practices. Preconfigured: Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery, Log Aggregation, Monitoring, Alerting, Centralized account management. Requires only 15 minutes to deploy instead of 3-6 month of integration.


Deploy a CI/CD systems (Jenkins, Nexus) from scratch using code. Complete development infrastructure installation with IaaC(Infrastructure as a Code) approach. Centralized user management for all integrated systems using OpenLDAP. Templated infrastructure patterns with Terraform. Deployment to any platform like AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Azure, Openstack.


"ELK"-stack deployment for services and CI/CD jobs logging. Alerting with Elasalert to notify developers on logs events on any environment. Notification to Slack, Email or any other channels. Deploy metrics and monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana with service auto-configuration.


Contains the following services:

  • ldap - a simple Openldap server that is prepopluated on startup using custom.ldif
  • ldap-admin - a simple ldap php admin for managing ldap Php ldap admin
  • jenkins - My Bloody jenkins that watches changes from custom configs set: Bloody jenkins
  • nexus - Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager 3, from Nexus
  • registry - nexus hosted docker repo: Nexus registry
  • nginx_env_proxy - nginx proxy service with LE SSL automation (see description below)
  • static jenkins slave with the possibility of customization. Dockerfile


  • Server with Docker in Swarm mode
  • Public ip address available from the Internet.
  • Opened ports 80 and 443.
  • DNS record for the base DJEG domain, pointing to the server IP address:
    * IN A xx.xx.xx.xx
    Or individual A records with same IP for all domains in config.env

Starting up stack

1) Clone djeg repo:

git clone /opt/djeg

2) Create custom configuration from example:

cp -r /opt/djeg/examples/custom-conf/ /etc/djeg/

3) Edit main config config.env like this:

cat << EOF > /etc/djeg/config.env




4) Edit users and privileges settings custom.ldif:

$EDITOR /etc/djeg/ldap/custom.ldif

(for testing, you could use default example file)

5) Add jenkins credentials 02-credentials.yml:

$EDITOR /etc/djeg/jenkins/02-credentials.yml

(for testing, you could use default example file)

6) Edit multibranch pipeline job 03-job-multibrunch.yml:

$EDITOR /etc/djeg/jenkins/03-job-multibrunch.yml

7) Add the necessary software to jenkins slave container Dockerfile:

$EDITOR /etc/djeg/images/jslave-common/Dockerfile

(for testing, you could use default example file)

8) Set custom configuration path and start djeg:

cd /opt/djeg/
export DJEG_CUSTOM_CONF_DIR="/etc/djeg/"
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