The 3min timer like "3min."(能動的三分間) PV used and back sounds for a cover band of tokyo-incidents(東京事変)
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## About "3min."(能動的三分間)

See also wikipedia


  • Laptop
  • Processing
  • Insert Cable
  • Audio Splitter
  • Extension Cables for In-ear headphones
  • In-ear headphones
  • Headphone amp(Optional)

How to use it

Cables Settings

                              Right(Red, Back sounds)
[Laptop] <----Insert cable---->[DI or Mixer]<------[Speakers]
                              |____[Audio splitter]<--------->[extension cable]<-->[In-ear headphone] Dr.
                             Left(White, Click sounds) |_____>[extension cable]<-->[In-ear headphone] Key.
                                                       |_____>[extension cable]<-->[In-ear headphone] Ba.
                                                       |_____>[extension cable]<-->[In-ear headphone] Gt.

If click sounds are too high or low, set a headphone amp between an insert cable and an audio splitter.

Software Settings

  1. Clone this repo. or download zip.
  2. Install minim
  3. Open and run timer.pde with Processing.
  4. Turn off wi-fi.
  5. Press space key, the timer will start.

Listen to click sounds carefully and play cool!!

Back Sounds

Back sounds is right side, and click sounds is left.

If you created back sounds and want to use it, rename it "noudou-master.mp3" and replace "/timer/data/noudou-master.mp3".


key function
space start timer
+ Volume Up
- Volume Down
t switch to test mode(will start at 1:30)



DSEG Font Family(SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1)