A full stack 'Hacker News' style demo web application built with React + Redux (Front) and django REST Framework (Server).
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A Snippod-Starter-Demo-App is a 'Full Stack Single Page Application' for the starter who want to be a web application developer. We'd like to build this starter kit based on full stack single page web application architecture. Snippod's architecture used a this kind of technology, React + Flux (Redux) + django REST framewrok + RDBMS. This stack is presented by diagram too.

You can check out the hosted version DEMO at http://snippod-starter-demo-front.ap-northeast-2.elasticbeanstalk.com.

Alt Stack Diagram


A demonstration of this app can be seen here.

Alt App Demo

Base Repository, Module

A frontside Snippod-Starter-Demo-App-Front is built with React and Redux.
Also a serverside Snippod-Starter-Demo-App-Server is built with django REST framework.

More information is located in each side of repositories.

Getting Started

Preliminaries :

You have to git clone this repository and update all GIT submodules.

git clone https://github.com/shalomeir/snippod-starter-demo-app
git submodule update --init

Further step is located in a each submodules.

If you want to follow step by step, go to a codelab branch of front repository.

More information is available at this blog post written in Korean.


Contributions, questions and comments are all welcome and encouraged.


MIT License.

Copyright 2016, Snippod Inc.