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Twitter bot for easily downloading videos/GIFs off tweets
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Easily download videos/GIFs off Twitter. Mention the bot (@this_vid) in a reply to the tweet containing the video, and it'll reply with a download link in a few minutes.

How this works



The bot consists of several AWS Lambda functions that work in tandem:


This function runs every 4 minutes and checks for new mentions. It publishes these new mentions as a new notification on an SNS topic. The 4-minute interval is so as to not hit Twitter's rate limits and minimize AWS Lambda usage time, while being near-realtime.


This is triggered by new notifications on the SNS topic. It:

  • processes the tweets in the message body,
  • calls Twitter's API to retrieve media links. Any video links retrieved for a tweet are stored in Redis for faster repeated access (other users requesting the same video).
  • adds the download details to the user's store in Redis. The user's store is an entry in Redis where all downloads requested by a user are cached for a certain period (48 hours).
  • attempts to reply to the user with a link to the user's download page (see section below). "Attempts" because Twitter enforces tweet limits (2400 per day, counted in 15-minute periods). If the API limits have been reached, the bot will "cool down" (not send any replies) for 10 minutes.


This is triggered by a HTTP request to the / (for instance, It renders a page showing a list of the user's recent downloads.


Renders the homepage 😁. See


This re-publishes failed tasks (stored in Redis) as a new SNS message. For now, it can only be triggered manually.


These folks help to keep this running. If you've benefited from this work and would like to help keep it running, consider supporting me on Patreon.

  • Sharee
  • Luca Turgut
  • Xavier Brown
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