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Compare diffs of dependencies between meta files.

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Compare diffs of dependencies between meta files.

   dependencies: {
-    ao-mesher: "~0.2.4"
+    ao-mesher: "~0.2.5"
+    ao-shader: "~0.2.3"
-    gl-now: "~0.0.4"
+    gl-now: "~0.0.3"
-    ndarray: "~1.0.1"
+    ndarray: "~1.0.3"
+    teapot: "~0.0.1"
-    brfs: "~0.0.5"
+    brfs: "~0.0.6"


Install globally to access the dependiff command:

npm install -g dependiff

Or install locally to use programmatically:

npm install dependiff

dependiff cli usage

$ dependiff path/to/package.json compare/package.json

$ dependiff githubuser/repo anotheruser/repo

$ dependiff githubuser/repo anotheruser/repo --metafile component.json

$ dependiff

api usage

var dependiff = require('dependiff')

dependiff(fileA, fileB, [options,] callback)

  • fileA and fileB are either filepaths or urls to meta files to compare.
  • options
    • cwd Default: process.cwd() - Current working directory to search from
    • metafile Default: 'package.json' - Name of metafile to search for.
    • keys Default: ['dependencies', 'devDependencies', 'peerDependencies'] - Keys in metafile to compare.
    • type Default: 'diff' - Type of comparison to run. Options are:
      • diff - Returns an object indicated added/deleted lines.
      • diffString - Returns a colorized string of the diff.

Release History

  • 0.1.0 initial release


Copyright (c) 2013 Kyle Robinson Young Licensed under the MIT license.

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