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Add Lodash #18

itsjamie opened this Issue Jan 30, 2013 · 3 comments

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Hello Shama, I wanted to ask on the actual repo for gaze, do you have any hatred/distaste for using lodash to gain access to the utility functions you may have re-created in gaze? I'm working on trying to get gruntjs/grunt-contrib-watch#20 working. I believe it is because exclusions globs aren't handled in gaze.

I'm currently working on this but am going to add in lodash to get access to high performance array diff's etc. Wondering if this was a deal breaker for you.

shama commented Jan 30, 2013

I'm a big supporter of lodash and gaze uses it. We recently just moved the utilities we are using out of lodash and into the source to make it a little more lightweight: #17

If it gets unwieldy I may just make lodash a dep again. btw, thanks for your help!


Alright, well, for what I'm working on I'm just going to add lodash, and if I get it working, maybe then we can consider adding it back as dep or similarly moving the functions over.

Not a problem, waiting on work to pick up again and putting together a presentation on using Grunt to better our work flow here, so I've got some time to use :)

shama commented Feb 14, 2013

I may or may not add lodash back as a dependency in the future (it still technically is a dep as the code is copied from them). It's a micro-optimization not loading the entire utility. Fairly soon I hope to upstream more of the functionality in gaze as it's reached my too bloated point. I think the amount of utility functions we'll need at that point will be less so leaving it not as a dep for now.

@shama shama closed this Feb 14, 2013
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