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doc: add cache argument to fs.realpath()

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18 doc/api/fs.markdown
@@ -194,12 +194,22 @@ linkString)`.
Synchronous readlink(2). Returns the symbolic link's string value.
-## fs.realpath(path, [callback])
+## fs.realpath(path, [cache], callback)
-Asynchronous realpath(2). The callback gets two arguments `(err,
-resolvedPath)`. May use `process.cwd` to resolve relative paths.
+Asynchronous realpath(2). The `callback` gets two arguments `(err,
+resolvedPath)`. May use `process.cwd` to resolve relative paths. `cache` is an
+object literal of mapped paths that can be used to force a specific path
+resolution or avoid additional `fs.stat` calls for known real paths.
-## fs.realpathSync(path)
+ var cache = {'/etc':'/private/etc'};
+ fs.realpath('/etc/passwd', cache, function (err, resolvedPath) {
+ if (err) throw err;
+ console.log(resolvedPath);
+ });
+## fs.realpathSync(path, [cache])
Synchronous realpath(2). Returns the resolved path.

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