Phase is a static site generator built using Cakephp 2.x
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Phase Project status

Phase is a static site builder similar to the awesome jekyll. It uses (by default) markdown and YFM (Yaml front matter) such that your posts are largely interchangeable between a jekyl and phase install. By using best practices outlined in the h5bp project, it generates a highly-optimized static version of your site.


Phase dependencies:

  • PHP 5.3.0+
  • java

If java is not available, phase can still be used by using the --no-compression flag.


Phase uses cakephp 2.0+, and also makes use of a couple of other projects. To install from scratch:

mkdir hmmm-yeah.over-here
cd hmmm-yeah.over-here
git clone git://
cd cakephp
git clone git://
cd phase
git submodule update --init --recursive
copy Config/core.php.default Config/core.php
cp -R Skel Site

Point your browser at hmm-yeah.over-here/phase/webroot and make sure it doesn't look broken.


Phase is a php application when running on your local machine, it is an essentially static site when you deploy to your public server. Write whatever you want, when you're happy with your new literary work of art, build and deploy.

Javascript and css files are automatically concatenated and compressed on build - no messing about. The hash of the (resultant) contents is used for the filename - this means changes to your files which have no impact on the resultant compressed file (formatting, comments) will not cause users to re-download the same resource again if they have it in cache.

Only the contents of PhaseRoot/Site/webroot and any urls your application references are present in the built version of your site. A few urls from the h5bp project are used as seeds to crawl the rest of your content.


For a simple intro - just dive right into the cli:

$ Console/cake phase
Manage your phase-built site

cake phase [subcommand] [-h] [-v] [-q]


write   Create a new post.
build   Generate a static version of your application.
deploy  Copy files to public server.

There are three subcommands, and they are listed in the order they are intended to be used. Each has it's own specific help.


A few things are currently missing but planned for:

  • Add sitemap
  • Add CSS sprite building
  • Add image optimizations
  • Add a js search
  • Ignore drafts when deploying
  • Move code around a bit (make plugins where appropriate)
  • Add test cases


18/12/2011 - v0.1 Initial release