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It is the mynt sources of my 'No Word about Onion' blog: English version | Russian version.

In fact, this one is implemented with a bit modified version of mynt.

If you (ever) want to run this locally, you'll need to:

  1. Clone this blog repository:

     git clone git@github.com:shamansir/blog.git
  2. Then clone my fork of mynt:

     git clone git@github.com:shamansir/mynt.git
  3. Run there this command:

     cd ./mynt
     python setup.py install
  4. Run make from the blog directory at least once (if it won't find sass binary, that's ok, just procced to next step):

     cd ./blog
  5. Install Compass, to use it from command-line (or CodeKit to compile SASS files on the fly)

    • Configure it to compile .sass-files from ./blog/shared/_assets/css/_sass/ directory to both:
      • ./blog/.site/assets/css directory
      • ./blog/.site/ru/assets/css directory
  6. Run make serve or make watch from the blog directory, so it will host a version of blog at, and Compass/CodeKit will be watching for changes of .sass-files

     cd ./blog
     make serve