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Markdown parser with PegJS

A Markdown parser written in JavaScript, generated with PEG grammar. Currently, in progress.

This is a component of xtd project, but I plan to finish developing it separately and then merge the result there. (So, the most part of its development history is located there).

In fact, it is a translation of PegC Markdown parser to JavaScript. But in the end, there are a lot differences in the sources and result.

The both C variant and JS (this) variant build a tree of parsed document elements, including their offsets and additional data required for generating some HTML result or hightlighting a syntax in some JavaScript implementation.


The Development State


  • Inlines: Strong, Em, Code
  • Html Blocks, Html entities
  • Headings
  • Horizontal Rules
  • Paragraphs
  • Top-level Lists
  • Top-level verbatims
  • Links, all modifications
  • Images, all modifications
  • Oh, all that stuff except complex lists

Not finished

(They were working some not ideal way, but I am currently refactoring this part)

So currently, the lists are parsed ok, but I plan to modify their rules to support complex indentations.

Which Way the Result Looks Like

When parsing a MarkDown document, you get a JavaScript Object containing the document tree in Markdown terms. I'll make a detailed description when I'll finish an implementation.


Just a JS-ones:

To Develop

Install last node.js version (v0.5.8+)

Install npm

Run in node directory (or with -g):

npm install pegjs
npm install jake@1.7 # or higher

cd ~/Worktable # (for example)
git clone
cd ./pegjs
jake build
node test/run
ln -sf ~/Worktable/pegjs <nodejs-location>/lib/node_modules
ln -s <nodejs-location>/lib/node_modules ./node_modules # optional, if pegjs module not found
cd ~/Workspace # (for example) 
git clone
cd ./mdown-parse-pegjs
node ./test-mdown-parser-with-node.js
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