A Slim 3 skeleton project to easily bootstrap MVC applications using Slim Framework 3
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Slim 3 Project Skeleton

This is a simple Slim 3 project skeleton with Doctrine, Twig, Monolog, etc. Heavily inspired by akrabat/slim3-skeleton
We have replaced Pimple Container with Aura.Di for dependency injection.


composer create-project shameerc/slim-skeleton

###Configuration This project uses phpdotenv for the managing configuration values. We have a .env.example file in the root of the project, as a placeholder for the required config values. Copy this file to .env and change the values as needed for your development machine.

###Directory Permissions Once you install the project, you may need to change the permission for app/storage/* directories to make it writable by the web server.

###Run it! Now we are ready to run the application

php -S localhost:9000 -t public/