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Mar 3, 2019


Merge pull request #1 from shamess/release-2
Release 2: Better ship movement, closing the inventory, and terrain

@shamess shamess released this Mar 3, 2019

Features added this release

  • Hitting "i" when the inventory is already open should just go ahead and close it.
  • Moving diagonally now points your ship the direction if travel.
  • The player can't fall off the world; there's a tonne of terrain around them.
  • Experiment with adding a slightly more complex piece of 3D terrain in the world, that the player needs to travel around.

Still no way to quit! Hit cmd + q.

Check out the blog post-style pull request (#1 ) to see the code changes, give some pointers, or just to leave a comment!

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@shamess shamess released this Feb 25, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

Features added this build

  • Added in your ship!
  • Added a spacey background, so that your ship is clearly moving.
  • Added some space trash that you can click on, see a tooltip for, and then pick up.
  • Added an Inventory screen with 3 “bays”.
  • Fooled around with the camera angles.

Oh, there's no way to exit right now. Hit cmd+q.

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