Directus 7 API — Wrapper for Custom SQL Databases
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Directus Logo


The All-New Directus 7
Future-Proof Headless CMS

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The Directus 7 App has been rebuilt from the ground-up in Vue.js and decoupled from our new "versionless" API. Both can easily be customized and extended to suit your project's needs.


🐰 Introduction

Directus is an open-source suite of software for managing content in projects of any size. Instances of the Directus API allow you to easily connect SQL database content anywhere (websites, native apps, wearables, IoT devices, kiosks, etc) while the Directus App allows non-technical users to intuitively manage that content. You can easily install a build of the full Directus Suite which includes the App, API, and all dependencies.

  • No Assumptions. That’s our motto, and we mean it. It’s your content, your workflow, your stack, your servers, and your database – Directus stays out of the way.
  • Pure, decoupled content. Directus stores all your data unaltered, in SQL databases designed by you. Connect to your data from anywhere everywhere.
  • Directus is a simple toolkit, not a one-size-fits-all behemoth. Every aspect of the framework can be tailored, extended, or even bypassed if needed. Truly limitless.
  • Full internationalization. Manage multilingual content in as many languages as your project needs. And for international teams, the Directus App itself supports translations.


📖 Documentation


🤲 Help & Resources

Open-Source Support

For help with open-source instances please post questions with the directus tag on Stack Overflow.

Premium Support

Premium Support is only available to Directus Cloud customers, Patreon Sponsors, and Contracted Clients.

Reporting Bugs

If you believe you've found a bug in the Directus Core codebase, please submit new tickets to either the App or the API. For all security related issues, please chat with us directly through

Community Discussions

Join us on Slack to talk to hundreds of members of the Directus community.

Updates & Social

Follow us on Twitter to be the first to hear about product updates and sneak peeks.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are managed as GitHub issues within the appropriate Directus repository. Before making a new submission, first browse existing feature requests using the enhancement label. If you find a similar request, simply vote for it using the 👍 or 👎 reactions and add any additional context in the comments. If not, add a new feature request by completing the provided template.


We love pull-requests! To work on Directus you'll need to install it locally from source by following the instructions below. Submit all pull-requests to the development branch of our api and app repositories.

Online Demos

We have two online demos available so you can easily check out Directus in action: stable or canary. The credentials to login are: and password


❤️ Supporting Directus

Directus is a GPLv3-licensed open source project with development made possible by support from our core team, contributors, and sponsors. It's not easy building premium open-source software; if you would like to help ensure Directus stays free, please consider becoming a sponsor.


RANGER Studio, Bas Jansen

Core Team

Ben Haynes

Project Lead

Rijk van Zanten

App Lead

Welling Guzmán

API Lead

Other Key Contributors: coolov, freen, jel-massih, Lasha


Directus is released under the GPLv3 license. RANGER Studio LLC owns all Directus trademarks and logos on behalf of our project's community. Copyright © 2006-2018, RANGER Studio LLC.