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Air is a Ghost blogging theme based on Airbnb's design blog. An example site can be found here

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Features
    1. Blog Logo
    2. Post Title Formatting
    3. Adding Social Links and Tags
  3. Customization
    1. Fonts and Colors
    2. Changing Default Image for Posts
  4. Future Support

Getting Started

To use this theme in your blog, download this folder and place it into your Ghost blog's /content/themes directory.

Once that's done, you should be able to select Air as a theme from the Theme dropdown in the "General" tab of your Ghost Admin panel.

Choosing Theme from Admin Panel


Blog Logo

Adding a logo to the blog from the "General" tab will automatically create a fixed circular logo in the top left corner of the blog:

Blog with Logo

Post Title Formatting

Post titles can have a main title, colored in the accent color, and a secondary title, colored in a more subtle gray.

The two titles are formatted by adding a semicolon to separate each type. Setting the post title as "Montreal;A Travel Guide" would result in:

Blog Post with Formatted Title

Adding Social Links and Tags

Currently, Ghost does not support retrieval of all possible tags used in a blog. You can click on tags from posts to see all posts with that tag but if you want to list all your tags on the menu, you must manually edit the navigation.hbs file (line 24) in the partials folder.

You can also add social media and other links here to customize the menu bar. I've added some sample links in there that are commented out for your reference.

Edit Code to Add Links

Menu With Links


Fonts and Colors

To change the fonts, colors, and other CSS properties of the blog, you need to have Sass and optionally Compass installed.

Run sass -w assets/scss:assets/css or if you have Compass, compass watch from within the root directory to start making changes.

All the fonts and colors can be found and edited in assets/scss/_config.scss. For example, the main accent color is set on line 2 and defaults to #ed6a5a.

Changing Default Image for Posts

Posts without images default to this placeholder image. Ghost blog post images are 700x298 and if you want to change the default post image, you can edit line 5 in partials/loop.hbs and change the URL to point to another image.

Future Support

  • Adding support for a blog cover photo
  • Adding an author page and support for multiple authors
  • Support for featured posts