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Initial release of Wry COBOL

Linux Ubuntu/Debian Instructions:


From deb Package:
Deb package install: sudo dpkg -i wrycobol_1.0-1.deb

  • Installs binary and data files to /opt/wry-cobol
  • Shell script launcher installed to /usr/games/

From Source:
Change directory to extracted wry-cobol- directory
mkdir bin
cobc -x -o bin/wry-cobol -std=default -Wall -debug wry-cobol.cbl
cp -r data bin (data dir can be copied from either installed deb package or generated with wry-parser and original Qbasic source)

  • Creates binary in bin directory
  • Copy data directory to bin directory


To run from deb package:
wry-cobol from terminal.

From source:
Change directory to bin directory and run ./wry-cobol


From deb Package:
To uninstall: sudo dpkg -r wry-cobol

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