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person_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
gender_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
year_of_birth INTEGER NOT NULL ,
month_of_birth INTEGER NULL,
day_of_birth INTEGER NULL,
time_of_birth VARCHAR(10) NULL,
race_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
ethnicity_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
location_id INTEGER NULL,
provider_id INTEGER NULL,
care_site_id INTEGER NULL,
person_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL,
gender_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL,
gender_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL,
race_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL,
race_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL,
ethnicity_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL,
ethnicity_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL
INSERT into person(person_id, gender_concept_id, year_of_birth, month_of_birth,day_of_birth,race_concept_id, ethnicity_concept_id, gender_source_value)
SELECT subject_id,
when sex = 'M' then 8507
when sex = 'F' then 8532
else 8851
END as gender_concept_id,
extract (year from dob),extract (month from dob),extract (day from dob),
0,0, sex
FROM mimic2v26.d_patients;
------------------------------------ TABLE DEATH
person_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
death_date DATE NOT NULL ,
death_type_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
cause_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
cause_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL,
cause_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL
INSERT into death(person_id, death_date, death_type_concept_id, cause_concept_id, cause_source_concept_id)
SELECT subject_id, dod, 0, 0, 0
FROM mimic2v26.d_patients
WHERE hospital_expire_flg = 'Y'
--------------------------------- TABLE visit_occurrence
CREATE TABLE visit_occurrence
visit_occurrence_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
person_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
visit_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
visit_start_date DATE NOT NULL ,
visit_start_time VARCHAR(10) NULL ,
visit_end_date DATE NOT NULL ,
visit_end_time VARCHAR(10) NULL ,
visit_type_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
provider_id INTEGER NULL,
care_site_id INTEGER NULL,
visit_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL,
visit_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL
-- I used icustay_days table. I may need to use admissions table as well. 9203 is for emergency visit
-- CONFUSION: icustay_detail and icustay_days have different number of records. which one to use?
-- CONFUSION: should I use icustay_id as the visit_occurrence_id or just a serial number?
INSERT INTO visit_occurrence (visit_occurrence_id, person_id, visit_concept_id, visit_start_date, visit_start_time, visit_end_date, visit_end_time, visit_type_concept_id, visit_source_concept_id)
SELECT icustay_id, subject_id, 9203, begintime, pg_catalog.time(begintime), endtime, pg_catalog.time(endtime), 0, 0
FROM mimic2v26.icustay_days;
-------------------------- Table condition_occurrence
CREATE TABLE condition_occurrence
-- condition_occurrence_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
person_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
condition_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
condition_start_date DATE NULL ,
condition_end_date DATE NULL ,
condition_type_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
stop_reason VARCHAR(20) NULL ,
provider_id INTEGER NULL ,
visit_occurrence_id INTEGER NULL ,
condition_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
condition_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL
-- not sure how to get condition_start_date and end_date.
-- don't see how to obtain visit_occurrence_id (icustay_id was used originally in visit_occurrence, but here we have hadm_id)
INSERT INTO condition_occurrence(person_id, condition_concept_id, condition_type_concept_id, condition_source_value, condition_source_concept_id)
SELECT subject_id, 0, 0, code, 0
FROM mimic2v26.icd9;
ALTER TABLE condition_occurrence ADD condition_occurrence_id SERIAL;
ALTER TABLE condition_occurrence ALTER condition_occurrence_id SET NOT NULL
------------------------------------- Table measurement
-- MEASUREMENT table (a large one)
CREATE TABLE measurement
--measurement_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
person_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
measurement_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
measurement_date DATE NOT NULL ,
measurement_time VARCHAR(10) NULL ,
measurement_type_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
operator_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
value_as_number NUMERIC NULL ,
value_as_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
unit_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
range_low NUMERIC NULL ,
range_high NUMERIC NULL ,
provider_id INTEGER NULL ,
visit_occurrence_id INTEGER NULL ,
measurement_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
measurement_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
unit_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
value_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL
INSERT INTO measurement(person_id, measurement_concept_id, measurement_date, measurement_time, measurement_type_concept_id, value_as_number,visit_occurrence_id,measurement_source_value,
SELECT temp_join_table.subject_id, 0, temp_join_table.charttime, pg_catalog.time(temp_join_table.charttime), 0,
temp_join_table.valuenum, icustay_id,temp_join_table.LOINC_CODE,
(SELECT * FROM mimic2v26.d_labitems, mimic2v26.labevents
WHERE mimic2v26.d_labitems.itemid = mimic2v26.labevents.itemid) as
ALTER TABLE measurement ADD measurement_id SERIAL;
ALTER TABLE measurement ALTER measurement_id SET NOT NULL
select * from measurement
limit 1000
-------------------- procedure_occurrence table
CREATE TABLE procedure_occurrence
--procedure_occurrence_id INTEGER NULL ,
person_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
procedure_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
procedure_date DATE NOT NULL ,
procedure_type_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
modifier_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
quantity INTEGER NULL ,
provider_id INTEGER NULL ,
visit_occurrence_id INTEGER NULL ,
procedure_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
procedure_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
qualifier_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL
INSERT INTO procedure_occurrence (person_id, procedure_date,
SELECT tmp_join_table.subject_id, tmp_join_table.proc_dt,tmp_join_table.code
(SELECT * FROM mimic2v26.procedureevents, mimic2v26.d_codeditems
WHERE mimic2v26.procedureevents.itemid =
mimic2v26.d_codeditems.itemid) as tmp_join_table;
ALTER TABLE procedure_occurrence ADD procedure_occurrence_id SERIAL;
ALTER TABLE procedure_occurrence ALTER procedure_occurrence_id SET NOT NULL
--------------------- Table Drug_exposure
CREATE TABLE drug_exposure
--drug_exposure_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
person_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
drug_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
drug_exposure_start_date DATE NOT NULL ,
drug_exposure_end_date DATE NULL ,
drug_type_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
stop_reason VARCHAR(20) NULL ,
refills INTEGER NULL ,
quantity NUMERIC NULL ,
days_supply INTEGER NULL ,
route_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
effective_drug_dose NUMERIC NULL ,
dose_unit_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
lot_number VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
provider_id INTEGER NULL ,
visit_occurrence_id INTEGER NULL ,
drug_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
drug_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
route_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
dose_unit_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL
-- confusion: drug_source_value: is it itemid or the label?
INSERT INTO drug_exposure (person_id, drug_concept_id,
drug_exposure_start_date, drug_type_concept_id,effective_drug_dose,
provider_id, visit_occurrence_id, drug_source_value,
drug_source_concept_id, route_source_value, dose_unit_source_value)
SELECT tmp_join_table.subject_id, 0, tmp_join_table.charttime, 0,
tmp_join_table.dose, tmp_join_table.cgid, tmp_join_table.icustay_id,
tmp_join_table.label, 0, tmp_join_table.route, tmp_join_table.doseuom
(SELECT * FROM mimic2v26.medevents, mimic2v26.d_meditems
WHERE mimic2v26.medevents.itemid = mimic2v26.d_meditems.itemid) as
ALTER TABLE drug_exposure ADD drug_exposure_id SERIAL;
ALTER TABLE drug_exposure ALTER drug_exposure_id SET NOT NULL
------------------------- Table NOTE
-- big table
--note_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
person_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
note_date DATE NOT NULL ,
note_time VARCHAR(10) NULL ,
note_type_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
note_text TEXT NOT NULL ,
provider_id INTEGER NULL ,
visit_occurrence_id INTEGER NULL ,
note_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL
-- Nurses typically write \nursing notes", a summary
--of events which occurred during their shift period. When the patient is dis-
--charged from the hospital, the responsible physician dictates a summary of the
--entire hospitalization period, known as the \discharge summary". These reports
--are recorded in noteevents table
-- CONFUSION: I mapped note_source_value from category; is it okay?
--Also, I mapped visit_occurrence_id from icustay_id.
-- but there are some notes for which there is no icustay_id (like
--discharge summary). should I use hadm_id instead? I used only
--icustay_id in the visit_occurrence table as well.
INSERT INTO note(person_id, note_date, note_time,
note_type_concept_id, note_text, provider_id, visit_occurrence_id,
SELECT mimic2v26.noteevents.subject_id,
pg_catalog.time(mimic2v26.noteevents.charttime), 0,
mimic2v26.noteevents.text, mimic2v26.noteevents.cgid,
mimic2v26.noteevents.icustay_id, mimic2v26.noteevents.category
FROM mimic2v26.noteevents
----------------------- Table Provide
provider_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
provider_name VARCHAR(255) NULL ,
specialty_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
care_site_id INTEGER NULL ,
year_of_birth INTEGER NULL ,
gender_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
provider_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
specialty_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
specialty_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
gender_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
gender_source_concept_id INTEGER NULL
-- provider_id and provider_source_value are same
INSERT INTO provider (provider_id, provider_source_value,
specialty_concept_id, specialty_source_value,
SELECT mimic2v26.d_caregivers.cgid, mimic2v26.d_caregivers.cgid, 0,
mimic2v26.d_caregivers.label, 0
FROM mimic2v26.d_caregivers
----------------------- Table specimen
-- specimen_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
person_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
specimen_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
specimen_type_concept_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
specimen_date DATE NOT NULL ,
specimen_time VARCHAR(10) NULL ,
quantity NUMERIC NULL ,
unit_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
anatomic_site_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
disease_status_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
specimen_source_id VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
specimen_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
unit_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
anatomic_site_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
disease_status_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL
-- It seems to be a subset of measurement table
-- CONFUSION: specimen_source_id is the itemid or loinc_code? I have used loinc_code
-- How about specimen_source_value? I have used the name of the fluid.
INSERT INTO specimen(person_id, specimen_concept_id, specimen_type_concept_id,specimen_date,
specimen_time, unit_concept_id, anatomic_site_concept_id, disease_status_concept_id,
specimen_source_id, specimen_source_value, unit_source_value)
SELECT temp_join_table.subject_id, 0, 0, temp_join_table.charttime,
pg_catalog.time(temp_join_table.charttime), 0, 0, 0,
temp_join_table.loinc_code, temp_join_table.fluid, temp_join_table.valueuom
(SELECT * FROM mimic2v26.d_labitems, mimic2v26.labevents
WHERE mimic2v26.d_labitems.itemid = mimic2v26.labevents.itemid) as
ALTER TABLE specimen ADD specimen_id SERIAL;
ALTER TABLE specimen ALTER specimen_id SET NOT NULL;
-------------------------------- Table site
CREATE TABLE care_site
-- care_site_id INTEGER NOT NULL ,
care_site_name VARCHAR(255) NULL ,
place_of_service_concept_id INTEGER NULL ,
location_id INTEGER NULL ,
care_site_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL ,
place_of_service_source_value VARCHAR(50) NULL
INSERT INTO care_site(care_site_name, place_of_service_concept_id, care_site_source_value)
SELECT mimic2v26.d_careunits.label, 0, mimic2v26.d_careunits.cuid
FROM mimic2v26.d_careunits;
ALTER TABLE care_site ADD care_site_id SERIAL;
ALTER TABLE care_site ALTER care_site_id SET NOT NULL;