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# source:
# Copyright Gerhard Rieger 2001-2009
# Published under the GNU General Public License V.2, see file COPYING
# note: @...@ forms are filled in by configure script
SHELL = /bin/sh
AR = @AR@
.SUFFIXES: .c .o
prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@
BINDEST = @bindir@
datarootdir = @datarootdir@
MANDEST = @mandir@
srcdir = @srcdir@
VPATH = @srcdir@
CC = @CC@
#0 INCLS = -I. @V_INCL@
#OBJ = $(CSRC:.c=.o) $(GENSRC:.c=.o) @LIBOBJS@
#CLIBS = $(LIBS) -lm -lefence
XIOSRCS = xioinitialize.c xiohelp.c xioparam.c xiodiag.c xioopen.c xioopts.c \
xiosignal.c xiosigchld.c xioread.c xiowrite.c \
xiolayer.c xioshutdown.c xioclose.c xioexit.c \
xio-process.c xio-fd.c xio-fdnum.c xio-stdio.c xio-pipe.c \
xio-gopen.c xio-creat.c xio-file.c xio-named.c \
xio-socket.c xio-interface.c xio-listen.c xio-unix.c \
xio-ip.c xio-ip4.c xio-ip6.c xio-ipapp.c xio-tcp.c \
xio-sctp.c xio-rawip.c \
xio-socks.c xio-proxy.c xio-udp.c \
xio-rawip.c \
xio-progcall.c xio-exec.c xio-system.c xio-termios.c xio-readline.c \
xio-pty.c xio-openssl.c xio-streams.c\
xio-ascii.c xiolockfile.c xio-tcpwrap.c xio-ext2.c xio-tun.c
UTLSRCS = error.c dalan.c procan.c procan-cdefs.c hostan.c fdname.c sysutils.c utils.c nestlex.c @FILAN@ @SYCLS@ @SSLCLS@
CFILES = $(XIOSRCS) $(UTLSRCS) socat.c procan_main.c filan_main.c
OFILES = $(CFILES:.c=.o)
PROGS = socat procan filan
HFILES = sycls.h sslcls.h error.h dalan.h procan.h filan.h hostan.h sysincludes.h xio.h xioopen.h sysutils.h utils.h nestlex.h compat.h \
xioconfig.h mytypes.h xioopts.h xiodiag.h xiohelp.h xiosysincludes.h \
xiomodes.h xiolayer.h xio-process.h xio-fd.h xio-fdnum.h xio-stdio.h \
xio-named.h xio-file.h xio-creat.h xio-gopen.h xio-pipe.h \
xio-socket.h xio-interface.h xio-listen.h xio-unix.h \
xio-ip.h xio-ip4.h xio-ip6.h xio-rawip.h \
xio-ipapp.h xio-tcp.h xio-udp.h xio-sctp.h \
xio-socks.h xio-proxy.h xio-progcall.h xio-exec.h \
xio-system.h xio-termios.h xio-readline.h \
xio-pty.h xio-openssl.h xio-streams.h \
xio-ascii.h xiolockfile.h xio-tcpwrap.h xio-ext2.h xio-tun.h
DOCFILES = README README.FIPS CHANGES FILES EXAMPLES PORTING SECURITY DEVELOPMENT doc/socat.yo doc/socat.1 doc/socat.html doc/ FAQ BUGREPORTS COPYING COPYING.OpenSSL doc/dest-unreach.css doc/socat-openssltunnel.html doc/socat-multicast.html doc/socat-tun.html doc/socat-genericsocket.html
TESTFILES = \ testcert.conf
OSFILES = Config/Makefile.Linux-2-6-24 Config/config.Linux-2-6-24.h \
Config/Makefile.SunOS-5-10 Config/config.SunOS-5-10.h \
Config/Makefile.FreeBSD-6-1 Config/config.FreeBSD-6-1.h \
Config/Makefile.NetBSD-4-0 Config/config.NetBSD-4-0.h \
Config/Makefile.OpenBSD-4-3 Config/config.OpenBSD-4-3.h \
Config/Makefile.AIX-5-3 Config/config.AIX-5-3.h \
Config/Makefile.Cygwin-1-5-25 Config/config.Cygwin-1-5-25.h \
Config/Makefile.MacOSX-10-5 Config/config.MacOSX-10-5.h \
Config/Makefile.DragonFly-2-8-2 Config/config.DragonFly-2-8-2.h
all: progs doc
scmclean: gitclean
gitclean: distclean docclean
rm -f Makefile.bak configure
doc: doc/socat.1 doc/socat.html
rm -f doc/socat.1 doc/socat.html
doc/socat.1: doc/socat.yo
yodl2man -o $@ $+
doc/socat.html: doc/socat.yo
cd doc; yodl2html -o socat.html socat.yo; cd ..
progs: $(PROGS)
depend: $(CFILES) $(HFILES)
makedepend $(SYSDEFS) $(CFILES)
socat: socat.o libxio.a
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ socat.o libxio.a $(CLIBS)
PROCAN_OBJS=procan_main.o procan.o procan-cdefs.o hostan.o error.o sycls.o sysutils.o utils.o
procan: $(PROCAN_OBJS)
filan: filan_main.o filan.o fdname.o error.o sycls.o sysutils.o utils.o
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ filan_main.o filan.o fdname.o error.o sycls.o sysutils.o utils.o $(CLIBS)
libxio.a: $(XIOOBJS) $(UTLOBJS)
$(AR) r $@ $(XIOOBJS) $(UTLOBJS)
$(RANLIB) $@
doc: doc/
strip: progs
strip $(PROGS)
install: progs $(srcdir)/doc/socat.1
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(BINDEST)
$(INSTALL) -m 755 socat $(DESTDIR)$(BINDEST)
$(INSTALL) -m 755 procan $(DESTDIR)$(BINDEST)
$(INSTALL) -m 755 filan $(DESTDIR)$(BINDEST)
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(MANDEST)/man1
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $(srcdir)/doc/socat.1 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDEST)/man1/
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(BINDEST)/socat
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(BINDEST)/procan
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(BINDEST)/filan
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(MANDEST)/man1/socat.1
# make a GNU-zipped tar ball of the source files
dist: socat.tar.gz socat.tar.bz2
socat.tar.gz: socat.tar
gzip -9 <socat.tar >socat.tar.gz
socat.tar.bz2: socat.tar
bzip2 -9 <socat.tar >socat.tar.bz2
VERSION = `sed 's/"//g' VERSION`
socat.tar: configure install-sh VERSION $(CFILES) $(HFILES) $(DOCFILES) $(SHFILES) $(OSFILES) $(TESTFILES) socat.spec
if [ ! -d $(TARDIR) ]; then mkdir $(TARDIR); fi
tar cf - $+ |(cd $(TARDIR); tar xf -)
tar cvf socat.tar $(TARDIR)
rm -f $(TARDIR)/COPYING # write protected
rm -r $(TARDIR)
rm -f *.o libxio.a socat procan filan \
socat.tar socat.tar.Z socat.tar.gz socat.tar.bz2 \
socat.out compile.log test.log
# remove all files that are generated from the original socat distribution
# note that Makefile is also removed, so you have to start with ./configure
# again
distclean: clean
rm -f config.status config.cache config.log config.h Makefile
rm -rf autom4te.cache
info: socat
uname -a >socat.out
./socat -V >>socat.out
./socat -hh >>socat.out
# perform some tests on socat
test: progs
# prepare critical files with correct permissions to avoid race cond
chmod 600 cert.key cert.pem
# generate a private key
openssl genrsa -out cert.key 1024
# generate a self signed cert
openssl req -new -key cert.key -x509 -days 3653 -out cert.crt
# ...enter fields
# generate the pem file
cat cert.key cert.crt >cert.pem
#echo use cert.pem on requestors side, i.e. with option cert=cert.pem
#echo use cert.crt on checkers side, i.e. with option cafile=cert.crt
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