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This pages contains the solutions to the common problems faced by the users. If you are facing other problem that is not listed in this page and solved it, feel free to write your steps to help other users or you can open an issue if you couldn't fix it.

Invalid Gist ID or Invalid / Expired GitHub Token

If for some reason you get one of these errors, try the following:

  1. manually create a Gist in GitHub (<username>)
  2. copy its Gist ID (<username>/<GistID>)
  3. manually paste the Gist ID into VSCode settings "sync.gist": "<GistID>"
  4. manually upload settings with either shift + alt + u or >Sync : Update/Upload Settings

You may need to reset the extension settings with >Sync : Reset Extension Settings before following these steps. (ie, hit cmd+p, then type what's instructed above into the dropdown which appears. You can confirm the reset has worked by re-opening the settings cmd+, search for "Sync" and you should see that "GitHub GIST ID for Settings Sync" edit box is cleared. You can re-populate with your new token and this should work)

People have solved by following steps @ #321 - 1 , #321 - 2 , #321 - 3 , #408

How to revert to an earlier Gist

  1. Goto Revision on Github
  2. Find file and its relevant version. Goto Raw.
  3. Copy contents and Goto your Gist's main screen.
  4. Click Edit at top right.
  5. Find the file to change and paste contents. Do not save changes yet!
  6. Find and edit cloudSettings. Change minute or hour (i.e., add 1 to number)
  7. Save changes by clicking Update gist

Now you should be able to sync the changes in VS Code by performing Shift + Alt + D to download. Once settings are synced again to your earlier revision perform an Upload:

Shift + Alt + U

Fix: Sync: Internet not connected or unable to connect to GitHub. Exception logged in Console (Windows only)

Cause seems to be that extensions in VS Code does not correctly use the OS' trusted certificate list. Even though the documentation states that Chromium, which VS Code is based on, should pick it up, this does not seem to include extensions. This problem is most apparent when you have certificates in connection that are not public, like web debugging tools (Fiddler) or an Enterprise proxy that does SSL decryption. Extensions in VS Code seem to work fine when only public SSL certs are used.

A workaround on Windows is to use another VS Code extension; win-ca.

  1. Disable code-settings-sync auto download if it is enabled
  2. Install win-ca extension
  3. Change win-ca setting to 'Append'.
  4. Restart VS Code
  5. Upload settings with code-settings-sync plugin to sync the win-ca extension and its settings to your GIST
  6. Re-enable Auto Download in code-settings-sync if you had it enabled before

This also seems to solve a number of other VS Code Extension connection issues.

NOTE: The only way to determine if SSL issues are the root of this issue is to enable Developer Tools (Help\Toggle Developer Tools) in VS Code. Then you will see the certificate errors. Even though code-settings-sync claims that there should be debugging output in the console, no output appears.

'Login via Github' Not working in Windows.

This may happen because of Windows UAC doesn't let non-administrator applications "talk" with another applications. Try opening vscode as administrator.

Alternatively try manually creating a personal access token and inputting into the settings similar to: