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SBT Clover Plugin

SBT plugin to integrate with Clover for Java code coverage

How to Use

In project/plugins.sbt

resolvers += Resolver.url("Plugins",

addSbtPlugin("com.github.shanbin" %% "sbt-clover" % "0.0.1")

A single task to run tests with instrumented sources and generate XML and HTML reports

sbt clover:clover


All settings and tasks are under clover scope


Setting Default Value
cloverLicensePath baseDirectory / "clover.license"
cloverVersion 4.0.6


import clover.CloverSbtPlugin

cloverLicensePath in CloverSbtPlugin.cloverConfig := "/etc/clover/license.txt"


  • clover:setup
  • clover:test
  • clover:clover