Things We Don't Get

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This is an open list of general things you don't get or would like us to go over in class. Feel free to be as brief or detailed as you like.

  1. How do you "undo" in R? (Answered!)

  2. When you hover over the counties in the svg, the stroke doesn't really show up as clean as one would like. Is that an indexing issue with the paths or something? - Erik (Answered!)

  3. How do I know which is the best format for my data in d3, i.e. whether to use a .csv,.tsv, json, etc.? Are there instances in which multiple formats can work?

  4. What's the difference between and d3.selectAll? Are there examples of when to use them correctly?

  5. I've seen both .append("path") and .append("line") used to make a simple line chart in d3, do they do the same thing?

  6. How do I add an automated 'legend' for a map? Where is the legend?

  7. I've managed to make a legend ... but I want to get different gradients of red that can go in that legend? Where can I find the code for those different colors?