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Read, write and delete from arbitrary locations in JavaScript objects using a localStorage-like API.


// Write an item 3 levels deep in the tree without ever checking whether the
// intermediate nodes exist.
var easyObj = new easierObject({});
easyObj.setItem("root", "left", "leaf", "oooh!");

// Write into a new branch off of the root, this will not destroy the middle
// branch.
easyObj.setItem("root", "right", "leaf", "wee!");

// Go directly to the item you want to get without checking whether root or
// middle exist.  Returns undefined if any nodes do not exist.
var leafValue = easyObj.getItem("root", "left", "leaf");
// leafValue === "oooh!"

// Fetch raw data
var raw = easyObj.raw();
// raw.root.leaf.leaf === "oooh!"


Mozilla MPL 2.0