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Generallax Theme

The Generallax Theme is for Grav CMS.


Generallax Theme by Shane Zentz

The Generallax Theme is based on a plain php/css theme that I created from scratch. I have since ported it to wordpress, Get Simple, Grav, and other CMS platforms. It is simply intended as a boilerplate or starter template, in which the user would (and should) modify the CSS and images to suit their tastes and desires.

Read on below to learn all about what features and templates are included with it.


Install Generallax Theme just as you would any other Grav theme, simply add to users/themes folder and then within the admin panel activate it!

Included Features

The Generallax Theme includes templates for homepage (with a psuedo-parallax and sliding banners), the blog index page, blog posts, and standard (default) templates. Also a is included in the Demos folder of the theme to give an example of how to implement the psuedo-parallax system on the homepage. (Of course you should update the included images to your own images and update the custom.css file). The sliding banners are called in banners.html.twig, so this file should be updated with your images when you desire to change the sliding images.

Generallax Theme includes three options in the admin panel. The standard 'Dropdown in Menu' is included to enable nested menus. Also there is an option to enable Grav credits in the footer, with this enabled a small box with the link to Grav will appear in the footer. Likewise, there is an option to enable Generallax Theme credit in the footer, which also displays a small box in the footer when enabled. (Of course, the styling of these options can be changed within custom.css file.).