An embeddable Emacs-like library for GNU Guile Scheme
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Latest commit fd1ff6a Nov 21, 2013 @shanecelis Added #:to-string option to completing-read; added describe-variable …
…and describe-command; changed variable-documentation from a macro to a procedure; define-cmd now marks those variables as a 'command using emacsy-kind.


Emacsy is an embeddable Emacs-like library for GNU Guile Scheme. It was a kickstarter project. It is now a Google Summer of Code 2013 project. I will be working with Ludovic Courtès from the GNU Project. Keep abreast of its development by watching this repository or following me on twitter @shanecelis.


This project is currently in development. It is as alpha as can be. Not meant for general consumption yet. Contributors, welcome.


  • GNU Guile Scheme 2.0

  • guile-lib

  • Only necessary if building from github

    • Noweb

    • pdflatex

    • automake >= v1.14

      If you get an error saying that "warning: macro 'AM_EXTRA_RECURSIVE_TARGETS' not found in library", this means your version of automake is too old. (Alternatively, you can comment out the AM_EXTRA_RECURSIVE_TARGETS in

    • autoconf >= v2.69

Building from a release (easy)

$ wget
$ tar xfz emacsy-0.1.1.tar.gz
$ cd emacsy-0.1.1
$ ./configure
$ make

Building from github (harder)

$ git clone
$ cd emacsy/example
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ cd ..
$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make


Run the minimal example program and the barebones webkit browser example.

$ make run

minimal example screenshot


This is a literate program, so you can read it.

$ make show-doc

The literate documents are bundled in the distribution as emacys.pdf and hello-emacsy-paper.pdf.

Running Tests

$ make check


Lots to do. See the file.


Emacsy is available under the GNU GPLv3+. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.