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Ethereum Wallet Comparison
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Ethereum Wallet Comparison

Comparison of Ethereum login-based wallets

License PRs Welcome

Disclaimer: This was made as an internal reference by the @authereum team.

It is not complete and is looking for additions!


Authereum Universal Login Portis Argent Metamask Abridged Gnosis Safe Fortmatic Torus Dapper Coinbase Wallet Status Trust Wallet Ledger Squarelink ETHVault NiftyWallet Bitski
ENS Integration
No Chrome Extension Required
Supports all Mobile Browsers
Can Integrate with Native Apps
No Phone Number Required
Account Recovery 🔜
No Seed Phrase Backup
Exportable Wallet
Testnet Availability
Contract-based Accounts
Pay Gas in Tokens 🔜 🔜
Web2.0 Style Login
Purchase ETH/Tokens In App 🔜 🔜
Web3 Provider Available
Software Token 2FA 🔜
Hardware Token 2FA 🔜
Hardware Wallet Integration 🔜 🔜
Transaction Firewall 🔜
Off-chain Login
No Mobile App Required
No Hardware Required

Description of each item


  • Off-chain Login: An on-chain transaction is not needed for logins from different devices.


Pull requests are welcome! Please submit a pull request to contribute updates to the comparison table.



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