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The Grunt Build System

  • grunt - Alias for default watch/livereload task
  • grunt default - Alias for "clean", "stylus:dev", "browserify2:dev", "express-server", "livereload-start", "regarde" tasks.
  • grunt build - Alias for "clean", "browserify2:build", "stylus:build" tasks.
  • grunt serve - Alias for "express-server", "express-keepalive" tasks.
  • grunt dev - Alias for "browserify2:dev", "stylus:dev" tasks.
  • grunt clean - Clean files and folders. *
  • grunt browserify2 - commonjs modules in the browser *
  • grunt devtools - Runs a server for devtools
  • grunt stylus - Compile Stylus files into CSS *
  • grunt livereload - Inform the browser some files have changed
  • grunt livereload-start Setup livereload to alert your browser when a file has changed
  • grunt regardeReset - Reset the initialized status .. For test purpose ONLY
  • grunt regarde - Observe files on the filesystem
  • grunt express-keepalive - keep an express server alive
  • grunt express-server - Start an express web server
  • grunt devtools - A GUI For grunt in chrome devtools


To Run:

You need node and mongodb installed (probably from brew) first. After that you can run:

  npm install
  npm install -g grunt-cli
  open http://localhost:3000
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