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Group Finder Web Application for Online Games
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A social online game tool for finding groups of other players to play with.



  • React Router

  • Email support for registration (Nodemailer)

  • Sign Up / Authentication (react-modal-login)

  • Cookie support (universal-cookie)

  • Database Storage (MongoDB Atlas)

  • Back-end API (StrongLoop)

  • Caching list data (Redis)

  • Add new character to list

  • List Characters Component

  • List Parties Component

    • React Table Viewing Component
  • View List Sorting/Filtering Functions

  • Open to join or Request to join Party option

  • Party leader kick members function

  • Links Bar

  • Index Page - About and default list view

  • Edit User Profile

  • Time zone setting


  • Base Layout and CSS scheme
  • Links Bar
  • Class Images
  • Edit User Profile Modal
  • Multiple characters support

Data schema

Denormalized NoSQL database - Design by queries to be ran

Queries needed:

  • User login, profile update
  • List groups, find() by column (dropdown box option), limit() 10-20 by default
  • List characters, find() by columns (dropdown box option), limit() 10-20 by default
  • Add a character
  • Create a group
  • Join a group
  • Create request to join group
  • Remove from group


  • User
    • Login info (username, userId, password)
    • Email : string
    • Characters
      • Class : string
      • Realm : string
      • League : string
      • Potentially character info (level, skill, etc.) via GGG or API
  • Groups
    • Party leader : string userId of leader
    • Content type : string
    • Times played : {timeFrom: datetime, timeTo: datetime, timezone: string}
    • Characters : [{character}] Array of characters in group (redundant data copied from user)
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