Group Project for CSCI-3510: Advanced Game Programming
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Group Project for CSCI-3510: Advanced Game Programming

Game outline:

objective: defend a base against waves of enemies using weapons and placeable towers that create your own path for the enemies.

Player: traits: move speed, shoot/reload speed, damage modifier, model/animation, projectiles, collider, sound Guns- choose 2 from: Assualt Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun currency- each tower placement, wall placement, and upgrades cost currency that is gained from killing enemies Tower Tech tree- Damage, Attack speed, Range Player Tech tree- Speed, Damage, Reload Speed modifier, Magazine Capacity, HP

weapon traits: -damage/ fire rate / range -projectiles -model/animation -reload speed -sound

Towers: traits- Damage, radius, range, attack speed, model/animation, projectiles, placement locations, collider, sound types- Slow(pulse field), Area of Effect(grenade tower), Machine gun, Single shot cannon focus- first, last, strongest, weakest

walls: traits- model, placement locations

Wave: -number/type of mobs

level: -number of waves -map of placeable tiles and obstructions

enemies: traits- move speed, attack speed, damage, model/animation, [projectiles], collider, sound

Level Outline:

  1. spawn map
  2. spawn player at home location
  3. let player set up walls/towers/guns until round start button is pressed
  4. spawn monsters at an interval, who follow an AI pattern
  5. update wave score
  6. display wave/level score and currency

Order of Operations:

  1. create map for level 1
  2. create basic UI (main menu, pause menu, load menu, end of level/score menu, in game HUD)
  3. create gun script/ select model
  4. create player script/ select player model
  5. create monster AI/ stats/ models