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A Model is a simple wrapper around a JSON object which invokes a changed event when a value changes. Models can be bound to views such that a view will automatically update itself when a model value changes.

To create a model, simply instantiate it with a JSON object defining it's data, e.g.

{% highlight javascript %} require('model'); var personModel = new Model({ name: 'Mark', age: 12, nationality: 'Irish' }); {% endhighlight %}

To update a models value, simply call the set function, passing it both the name of the property and it's value, e.g.

{% highlight javascript %}

personModel.set('age', 14);

{% endhighlight %}

Calling the set function will fire a changed event. However, sometimes is is necessary to update many properties in a single transaction, and the changed event shouldn't be fired until all have been set. In this case, use the setAll function, passing it a JSON object with name value pairs to set e.g.

{% highlight javascript %} personModel.setAll({ name: 'Mary', age: 34, nationality: 'Swedish' });

{% endhighlight %}

Getting a value from a model is simply, just call the get function, passing it the property name, e.g.

{% highlight javascript %} personModel.get('age'); {% endhighlight %}

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