An autonomous robot built using an iRobot Create and Microsoft Kinect
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Asimov is an interactive robot built on an iRobot Create and Microsoft Kinect. It supports basic voice and gesture commands as well as various operating modes.


Asimov was created on top of the libBiscuit API. It must be compiled before compiling Asimov. See the README in the libBiscuit repo for instructions and more info on the API.


Asimov uses a client-server model. The server is written in C (to interface with libBiscuit) and the client is written in C#.


  1. The server is statically linked with the libBiscuit library (added a submodule in the libs directory). Ensure that it is compiled before compiling the server.
  2. Simply run make all at the top level of this repo to build the server. The build binary will be placed in the bin directory.
  3. Optional: Install the server by running make install.
  4. The server utilizies the GNU getopt library. The easiest way to run it on Windows is through the use of Cgywin.


  1. The client relies on the Microsoft Kinect API. However, this is included in the libs directory. No other dependencies should be required.
  2. Open the Asimov.sln solution with Visual Studio and build or run the project like any VS project.


libBiscuit API & server:

  • Shane Tully
  • Emily Last

Client and Kinect interaction:

  • Gage Ames
  • Aaron Goodermuth
  • Trevor Sprinkle