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A proof of concept and interactive Spotify Desktop applet developed by hap hazardous rapid prototyping at HackBeanPot2018
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The main intention of this project was to familiarize myself with Spotify's api (never again), learning about dynamically updating GUI libraries (expeciall Kivy. God I love that markdown support) in Python, and use them to develop revamp the full screen mode in the Spotify desktop app. Rather than just filling the space, I wanted to highlight what I can about seeing, real time lyrics and a major focus on album art, which the mobile apps do fanastically.

Do to the lack of Spotify api support in python, and more importantly desktop. this solution is less than idael. Additional api (most noteably had to be used to get much of the information, but due to throttling of my api usage, I had to cut back on querying it. Fewer queries and the focus on real time lyrics lead to the loss of the app detecting changes in the user's music, so all control of Spotify must go through the app if you want the lyrics to do anything. If spotify allows me to see progress in a song in the future I would love to be able to change everything I did here.

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