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A Riak client written in Mozilla's Rust programming language
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This client has been shelfed, and archived. I have no intention currently of continuing development for it due to the state of Riak itself. Because it got shelved so quickly after I started it, it never matured or became production ready. This client should be considered unsuitable for production.


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A Riak client for Rust.

Full documentation available on


This client allows you to connect to the Protocol Buffers API of a Riak Node and use the functionality provided to send data, retrieve data, and otherwise communicate with Riak.

This client communicates directly with the Protocol Buffer API on a specified Riak node, and does not provide any abstractions around a cluster of nodes.


  • This client is tested against Rust's stable, beta, and nightly branches. It should work with any modern Rust.

  • Intended to work with Riak KV 2.1.4+


Add riak as a Cargo.toml dependency to your project:

riak = "*"

Select a specific version.



Storing an object:

use riak::Client;
use riak::object::{ObjectContent, StoreObjectReq};

// connect to Riak and ping the server
let mut riak = Client::new("").unwrap();;

// prepare the object contents
let contents = ObjectContent::new("This is test data!".as_bytes());

// build a request to store the object
let mut store_request = StoreObjectReq::new("testbucket", contents);

// store the object