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Transportation Network Robustness Story Map
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Transportation Network Robustness Story Map

This story map demonstrates the research results I obtained from my project. It uses the percolation approach to characterize the transportation network robustness from an topological perspective. The Story map can be viewed here.

Storytelling Structure


The opening video is about earthquake happened in Japan, this set up the tune for the who story map. It's about disaster resilience study. I also strength the need of the research from a real life event.


The background gives a brief introduction on the project, and also the uniqueness of this work. This gives a subtle hint on the conflict, how this work differ from others.

Rising Action

The percolation process calculated from the transportation network is presented. From the results, we can see the difference between the robustness of different network under various scale of disruptions. But we can also see the similarity between different networks.


The climax reached when I introduced the robustness rank of different cities. This summarizes the transportation network robustness of different cities.

Falling Action/Resolution

The concluding slides show the resolution of this research, which is to build a more resilient transportation network.

Data Sources

The GIS network is extracted from MapZen, base map layer is from mapbox, opening video is from oregon state university youtube video, and the results is from my own research work.

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