A minimalistic text based theme for Hugo with grapes color theme
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A minimalistic text based theme for Hugo inspired by hugo-bingo theme.




1: Install Hugo.

2: Create a new site.

hugo new site mynewsite

3: Change to themes dir.

cd classic/themes

4: Clone the repo

git clone git@github.com:shankar/hugo-grapes.git

5: Copy the content/, static/, and config.toml from the exampleSite directory into the classic directory. The existing content/, static/, and config.toml files will be over-written.

cp -r hugo-grapes/exampleSite/* /path/to/mynewsite

6: Run hugo server within mynewsite and enjoy and customize to your hearts content!

New Posts

To make new posts, simply use the command:

hugo new post/awesome-post.md


Change Avatar

1: The Avatar picture is to be placed in the static folder under your hugo site. (default picture is located in static/img folder)

2: Edit the config.toml file and edit the value of the avatar key under params to let hugo know its location.

avatar = "path/to/avatar" 
# Path is relative to static folder.
# Example: "img/grapes.svg" for grapes.svg file located in static/img folder


This theme is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.