Ecommerce site that you will build while learning Mastering Phoenix Framework
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This project contains the source code of the Ecommerce site that is built in the book Mastering Phoenix Framework, as part of the Phoenix Inside Out series. View the demo at

Additional files

You need some static image files and CSV files to get the same output as described in the book. These files can be downloaded here:

Branches and Commits

Code for each chapter are in their respective branches named after the chapter number.

Master branch contains code from all branches merged.


Steps to follow to run the code in your local machine:

git clone
cd mango

# optionally checkout to the chapter{n} using `git checkout chapter{n}``

mix deps.get
cd assets && npm install && cd ..
mix ecto.setup
mix phx.server

Now visit http://localhost:4000 to see the site.

Run Test

Test code requires a running instance of Phantomjs for the Acceptance tests. Run the following command on one of the terminal windows

phantomjs --wd

and in another terminal window, run the test

mix test