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Node Express server using Docker for creating PDFs from a URL
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An Express server wrapped around @fraserxu's excellent Electron PDF.

Currently takes a minute or two to generate a PDF – probably due to the fact that this is spinning up a new instance of Electron (Chromium) with every request.

This project is a work in progress and isn't feature-complete (or bug-free!) yet. Pull requests welcome!

Getting started

Use Docker.

docker pull properdesign/express-electron-pdf

docker run -d -e "PORT=8080" -e "TOKEN=yoursecrettoken" --name=express-electron-pdf -p 8080:8080 properdesign/express-electron-pdf

Generating a PDF

Assuming that you're running this on localhost...

Basic usage

Downloads a PDF called output.pdf.


Specify a filename

You can specify your own filename (without the PDF extension) using filename=yourcustomfilename.



  • Custom stylesheets
  • Handling for multiple displays using xvfb-run -a [mycommand]
  • General making it a more full-functioning webserver, handling bum requests etc.
  • Handling for multiple files being generated at the same time
  • Handline for HTTP auth (will be useful for WP admin requests etc.)
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