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-> Uses HTTPS
-> host is
-> Request is an ACE http request (custom HTTP method)
-> Requests and responses are *streamed* (no luck trying to re-use any existing HTTP tools. HTTP content-lenght is ~20 Gb)
-> Body of request is as follow :
0xAACCEE02 : Magic number (notice the 'ACE' again)
*** = zlib compressed data. (header is 0x78DA). Once uncompressed, you get :
0x030000ABAB : "ping" command. You can ignore. ABAB is the ping id. It's autoincremented, starts at 1
0x020000ABCD : Packet marker. ABCD = packet length
*** packet content. This is actually a binary property list
-- loop for some more packets
Audio data flows in as speex_wideband by default. You can decompress using the speex library. Managed to uncompress using the following parameters :
- framesize = 320
- packet size = 139 (For some reason the audio packets in the plist are 695 bytes long, and 695 = 139*5, so they probably cram 5 speex packets in each plist)
- sample rate is 16Khz
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