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Codename One FontBox Port

This is a port of the FontBox library for use with Codename One.

This library adds the ability to load and render TTF fonts as scalable vectors. This includes a TTFFont class that extends the core Codename One Font class so that it can be used pretty much any place a "normal" font would be used in Codename One. The difference is that TTFFonts are rendered using the CN1 Shapes API. While this would be slower than using regular fonts (which are rendered natively), this provides certain abilities that you don't have with normal fonts, such choosing to "stroke" or "fill" (or both - with different colors) text, scaling the width or height of a font, or potentially providing your own 3D transformations to the fonts.


  1. Support for TTF Fonts
  2. Library additionally can support CFF, AFM. and PFB fonts but these haven't been specifically integrated into Codename One.
  3. Obtain font metrics, and glyph shapes as vector paths.
  4. Stroking support (e.g. outlines of fonts)
  5. Fonts can be used with AffineTransforms (scale, shear, rotate, translation) to draw text in any size and orientation.


This should work on any platform that supports the CN1 shapes API. This currently includes:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. UWP
  4. Javascript
  5. JavaSE (i.e. the CN1 simulator)


Apache License 2.0


  1. None

Installation Instructions

Assuming you have a Codename One application project started in Netbeans:

  1. Copy CN1FontBox.cn1lib into your project's lib directory. Then right click on your project's icon in the project explorer, and select "Refresh Libs" from the contextual menu.

Usage Examples

Loading TTF File

From InputStream:

TTFFont font = TTFFont.createFont("MyFont", inputStream);

From Resources:

TTFFont font = TTFFont.createFont("MyFont", "/MyFont.ttf");

From Storage/URL:

TTFFont font = TTFFont.createFontToStorage("MyFont", 

From File System/URL:

TTFFont font = TTFFont.createFontToFileSystem("MyFont", 

From Cache:

TTFFont font = TTFFont.getFont("MyFont", 12);

Setting Font for Style


Getting Particular Size Font

font = font.deriveFont(24); // get size 24 font.

Horizontal and Vertical Scaling

font = font.deriveScaled(0.5f, 1.5f);  
    // scaled 50% horizontal, and 150% vertical
font = font.deriveHorizontalScaled(0.5f); // scaled 50% horizontally

font = font.deriveVerticalScaled(0.5f); // scaled 50% vertically

Stroking and Filling

font = font.deriveStroked(Stroke(1f, Stroke.CAP_BUTT, Stroke.JOIN_MITER, 1f), #ff0000);
    // Stroke with red 1px outline 

font = font.deriveStroked(Stroke(1f, Stroke.CAP_BUTT, Stroke.JOIN_MITER, 1f), null);
    // Stroked - stroke color determined by graphics context's current color.. e.g. defers to Style's foreground color
font = font.deriveStroked(null, 0x0);
    // Not stroked
font = font.deriveFilled(true, null);
    // Filled - fill color determined by graphics context's current color.. e.g. defers to Style's foreground color
font = font.deriveFilled(true, 0x00ff00);
    // Filled with green
font = font.deriveFilled(false, null);
    // Not filled


font = font.deriveAntialias(true);
    // Should be rendered antialiased
font = font.deriveAntialias(false);
    // should be rendered without antialias.

Drawing Directly on Graphics Context

font.drawString(g, "Hello world", x, y);

// Or ...
g.drawString("Hello world", x, y);

Appending to existing GeneralPath

font.draw(path, "Hello world", x, y, 1f /*opacity*/);


FontBox library port for Codename One



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