Utility to convert MBTiles format to CN1Tiles format for offline map data
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#CN1TileConverter A tool to convert MBTiles Map Files to CN1Tiles format.

##Synopsis This is a simple desktop tool to convert mbtiles offline map files to cn1tiles format so that it can be used inside Codename One applications via the CN1OfflineMaps library.




  1. Clone this repository

git clone https://github.com/shannah/CN1TileConverter.git

  1. Inside the CN1TileConverter/dist directory, you'll find a file named CN1TileConverter.jar. This is a double-clickable jar file that will open the application.

##Usage Step 0: Design your offline map using TileMill and export it as an MBTiles file.

Step 1: Open the CN1TileConverter application by double clicking the CN1TileConverter.jar file (inside the dist directory).

This will open up a window as shown below:

Main Window

Step 2: Click the "Select…" button and navigate to the .mbtiles file you wish to convert.

Main Window

Step 3: Watch the output log as it carries out the conversion. When it is done, you can click the "Reveal" button to open the folder that contains the output file.

The output file is saved to the same location as the input file, but with the extension .cn1tiles instead of .mbtiles.

Main Window

Step 4: Load your newly created cn1tiles file in your Codename One application to include offline maps in your application.

This step requires the CN1OfflineMaps library.

##What is the cn1tiles format?

The .mbtiles format was designed to allow you to store offline maps in a consistent format. It consists of an SQLite database with all of the tiles stored inside the database. Unfortunately many mobile platforms don't support blob columns in SQLite databases so the format is not ideal for use in Codename One applications. Some advanced target platforms may support it, but others will have problems.

The cn1tiles format stores the same information as an .mbtiles database, except that it stores all of the map metadata and tiles as a tar.gz archive. (If you want to see what is inside a .cn1tiles file you can just change the extension to .tar.gz1 and extract it). The archive structure is as follows:

    +--- metadata.json
    +--- tiles/ (directory will all of the tiles)

The metadata.json contains all the same information as the mbtiles metadata table, except it is stored as a JSON object.

This format can be imported into a Codename One application via the MBTilesProvider class.


  1. MBTiles specification
  2. TileMill by Mapbox - An application that allows you to build your own maps and export them to MBTiles format.
  3. CN1OfflineMaps The Codename One offline Maps project
  4. Codename One