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Rapid Application Development Toolkit for CodenameOne
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An MVC, Rapid-Application-Development library for Codename One

Project Status

This project is at an early stage but there are already a handful of polished components that can be incorporated into Codename One apps today.


  1. Reusable Components - Facilitates the creation of View components that can be easily reused across projects without requiring any dependencies.

  2. Rich UI Components - Components built with CodeRAD are richer than the standard Codename One UI components. They are designed to be useful right out of the box, while still being customizable.

  3. Clean Separation of Code - Provides model, view, and controller classes which facilitate the clean separation of code following MVC (Model-View-Controller) principles.

  4. Loose Coupling - Views can be "loosely" coupled to their model, allowing them to be used with many different model classes. Learn more

  5. Declarative Java UI Syntax - Introduces a flexible declarative syntax for describing user interfaces, in pure Java.

    1. Generate forms (for editing entities) using declarative syntax, and less code. See example


  1. How to Build a Messenging App in Codename One - A good startng place for getting a feel for what it is like to develop an app using CodeRAD.

  2. Java Docs - The overview page gives a good introduction to the concepts, and provides some code examples. Most classes include descriptions. Some have examples. Still working on adding documentation for most methods.

Existing Components

The following is a sample of a few components that have been developed with CodeRAD, and can be used in your Codename One application today:

  1. RADChatRoom - A full-featured messaging application UI that can be used to add "Chat" capability to your app.

  2. ProfileAvatarView - Shows an entity’s thumbnail image inside a round mask.

  3. ProfileAvatarsTitleComponent - A component that displays a number of ProfileAvatarViews in a "fan" layout (i.e. like BoxLayout.X_AXIS, except that it will "fan them out" with overlap if there isn’t enough space for everything). This is used as the form’s title component for the RADChatRoom component.

  4. ProfileListView - Displays a list of profile entities with avatar, name, and a customizable set of actions that can be performed for each one.

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