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#PDF Clown CJK Fonts




This package adds support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts in PDFClown. It uses non-embedded Type0 CID fonts so the client computer will need to have the font installed to be able to see the text. Typically, Adobe Reader will prompt the user to download the appropriate font-pack if they try to open a PDF for which they don't have fonts.


  • PDFClown. Tested on 0.1.2 but should work on older versions also.
  • Java 7 (It could probably be compiled for Java 6, but I might be using some Java 7 constructs, and Java 7 is all I need for now).




Make sure that the PDFClownCIDCJKFont.jar has been added to your classpath.

// Write some Japanese
Font japaneseFont = CJKFont.loadJapanese(doc);
composer.setFont(japaneseFont, 18);
composer.showText("1234こんにちは世界", new Point2D.Double(10,10));

// Write some Simplified Chinese
Font simpChineseFont = CJKFont.loadChineseSimplified(doc);
composer.setFont(simpChineseFont, 18);
composer.showText("特色条目", new Point2D.Double(10, 40));

// Write some Traditional Chinese
Font tradChineseFont = CJKFont.loadChineseTraditional(doc);
composer.setFont(tradChineseFont, 18);
composer.showText("弱冠擢進士第", new Point2D.Double(10, 70));

// Write some Korean
Font koreanFont = CJKFont.loadKorean(doc);
composer.setFont(koreanFont, 18);
composer.showText("위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전", new Point2D.Double(10,100));

// Write some Russian
Font arial = CJKFont.loadArialUniCid0(doc);
composer.setFont(arial, 18);
composer.showText("Москва политический центр России, на ее территории разместились ", new Point2D.Double(10,220));


  • Used the fantastic TCPDF PHP Library as a reference.
  • Includes TCPDF's converted PHP files for the unicode mappings and font specifications.
  • This library would have no reason to exist if groundwork had not already been laid by Stefano Chizzolini's superb PDF Clown library.
  • iText® RUPS was an invaluable tool for being able to inspect the PDF files that were produced while trying to sort out the font encodings.




Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts for PDFClown (Using CID0 non-embedded method)




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