WYSIWYG HTML Editor component for Codename One
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Codename One CKeditor Component

A WYSIWYG HTML Editor component for Codename One

CKeditor Widget in CodenameOne Simulator


The CKeditor widget wraps the Javascript CKeditor widget inside a BrowserComponent and exposes a subset of the functionality as a Java API. It can easily be improved to add additional functionality also, but just putting up the bare-bones necessary features right now to get it working.



Installation Instructions (Using Netbeans)

1 Add the CodenameOneCKeditorComponent.cnlib library to your project's lib directory. 3. Right click on your project in the netbeans project explorer, and select "Refresh Libs" (so that Netbeans will recognize your libs).


  1. Create a new CKeditor object:

    CKeditor editor = new CKeditor();
  2. Initialize the editor. You can either do this asynchronously with initLater(), or synchronously with initAndWait(). Your choice will depend on whether you want to start interacting with it right away.

    // or editor.initAndWait();
  3. Add editor to your form.

    form.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    form.addComponent(BorderLayout.CENTER, editor);

Getting current contents:

String content = editor.getData();

Setting current contents:

editor.setData("<p>Some HTML to set as the content</p>");

// or set content as text
editor.setText("Hello world\n This is a new line\n another new line");
    // This will be converted to appropriate HTML.

To Do:

Lots of things to do. This is basically just a quick and dirty proof of concept right now. One of the most important things that needs to be done is to add the ability to set configuration options so that you can, e.g. change the options in the toolbar.

Potentially, wrappers can be created for any property, method, or event in CKeditor.