Tutorial for easier editing of relationships in Xataface
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Xataface-Tips Tutorial: Making Adding/Removing Related Records Easier

This repository provides the source code that accompanies [this blog post]http://xataface-tips.blogspot.ca/2013/09/making-addingremoving-related-records.html) It uses branches for different versions of the app, each branch demonstrating a different way of using relationships in a Xataface application.


  1. Check out the branch you want to work with from Github.
  2. Either copy or symlink a Xataface distribution as the "xataface" directory directly inside the app.
  3. Make sure the templates_c directory is writable by the webserver.
  4. Create an empty database for the app.
  5. Copy the conf.db.ini-sample file to conf.db.ini and change the connection information to connect to your database.

Switching Branches

Different branches of this repo use different database structures. When you first run the app, it will execute the update_1() method in the conf/Installer.php to create the tables of the database. Since this will conflict for different branches, you should use a different database for each branch if you are setting tests for each version simulataneously.