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# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Authors: Alex Halderman, Scott Karlin, Brian Kernighan, Bob Dondero
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
from urllib.request import urlopen
from urllib.parse import quote
from re import sub
from flask import request, session, redirect, abort
class CASClient:
# Initialize a new CASClient object so it uses the given CAS
# server, or if no server is given.
def __init__(self, url=''):
self.cas_url = url
# Return the URL of the current request after stripping out the
# "ticket" parameter added by the CAS server.
def stripTicket(self):
url = request.url
if url is None:
return 'something is badly wrong'
url = sub(r'ticket=[^&]*&?', '', url)
url = sub(r'\?&?$|&$', '', url)
return url
# Return True if user is logged in
def is_logged_in(self):
return 'username' in session
# Validate a login ticket by contacting the CAS server. If
# valid, return the user's username; otherwise, return None.
def validate(self, ticket):
val_url = self.cas_url + 'validate' + \
'?service=' + quote(self.stripTicket()) + \
'&ticket=' + quote(ticket)
r = urlopen(val_url).readlines() # returns 2 lines
if len(r) != 2:
return None
firstLine = r[0].decode('utf-8')
secondLine = r[1].decode('utf-8')
if not firstLine.startswith('yes'):
return None
return secondLine
# Authenticate the remote user, and return the user's username.
# Do not return unless the user is successfully authenticated.
def authenticate(self):
# If the user's username is in the session, then the user was
# authenticated previously. So return the user's username.
if 'username' in session:
return session.get('username')
# If the request contains a login ticket, then try to
# validate it.
ticket = request.args.get('ticket')
if ticket is not None:
username = self.validate(ticket)
if username is not None:
# The user is authenticated, so store the user's
# username in the session.
session['username'] = username
return username
# The request does not contain a valid login ticket, so
# redirect the browser to the login page to get one.
login_url = self.cas_url + 'login' \
+ '?service=' + quote(self.stripTicket())
# Logout the user.
def logout(self):
if 'username' in session:
# Delete the user's username from the session.
# Redirect the browser to the landing page.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
def main():
print('CASClient does not run standalone')
if __name__ == '__main__':