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Welcome to my Biml Demos.

This is where you can find the code from any of my current presentations. Feel free to submit issues you find in my demos. I'm also open to requests for new demos. Just let me know what you'd like to see!

BimlBootcamp -- I've been known to offer a full day session on getting started with Biml. This folder has the code demos from that precon. You can practice with some C# fundamentals from the data professional's point of view. You can also generate a SSIS framework too!

DataTypeConversion in many Biml solutions you have to convert between SQL, SSIS, and Biml (C#) data types. This folder has a version of the code I use to automate that conversion!

FileUtilities -- I'm trying to build a version of my interrogator you could call via a using statement, like a standard .Net library. This is where that version of the interrogator lives.

Interrogator -- extract metadata from your data sources. This is most helpful for dealing with your flat files. [Read more] ( on how to use the project.

Oracle -- I've had more than a few clients who deal with Oracle sources. I wanted to show them all the same Biml goodness you can do on top of SQL server with information schema is still possible with Oracle!

ParametersAndConnections -- Sometimes people have issues with Parameters and connection strings when they start automating things with Biml. This is some demo code I use to illustrate how to do that.

SecurityAndDeployment -- after you can create your Extract packages automatically, wouldn't it be nice if you could automate the deployment of these packages? This is how to do that with BimlStudio. Yeah, you have to have the paid version (BimlStudio) for this feature.