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Art Games

Play the games at

Art Mash: Discover art from museums around the world with one simple question: which one do you like better?

  • Also includes 'Learn about this art' feature
  • View top favorites from everyone's playthroughs
  • Keyboard shortcuts: press Z to vote for the artwork on the LEFT
  • Keyboard shortcuts: press X to vote for the artwork on the RIGHT

Each time you play Art Mash, new artworks become available for all of the other games.

Untitled: These artworks are untitled, but you can think of a better title than that ...

  • Name untitled artworks and share them with your friends over Twitter

Unlocked: See how many artworks have been unlocked from all the museums

Learn: Learn about the artworks featured in the art games!

  • Many artworks include links to the museum's webpage with full details

Favorites: See the top-rated artworks from the Art Mash game

No Votes: See artworks that have no votes in the Art Mash game

I originally developed the Art Mash at the Smithsonian American Art Museum Luce Foundation Center Hackathon in November 2013 That code lives here:

I've since ported it over to django and adapted it to use additional APIs from other museums, and added several new games.


Games to discover new art and artists using museum APIs




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