Missing test detector and generator rake tasks
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because pobody's nerfect.

Missing test detector and generator rake tasks

Right now this is just a VERY quick and dirty way to attempt to figure out, and potentially generate, missing RSpec tests. I didn't find anything online that seemed to do this (amazing, maybe I'm just bad at Google), so I wrote one. Not all the files are valid missing tests, because if you don't put stuff under "private" or "protected" then the generator simply assumes the function is a valid controller/helper/sweeper action.


this tells you what tests are, in theory, missing:

bundle exec rake tests:missing   		

this will generate the missing tests found above, and create any directories as needed:

bundle exec rake tests:generate_missing 	

Planned features:

  • Support other test frameworks
  • Support other view template engine tests
  • Make use of Rails framework to get correct model/controller names
  • Make it a gem and not just a Rakefile.
  • Generate individual tests for each public method inside controllers, helpers, sweepers, mailers
  • Option to generate failing tests instead of pending ones
  • Requests?


Code coverage reported >89% coverage. Out of curiosity, I wrote this script. It generated 107 files. :/