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Dockerfile for Apache & PHP 5.3 for SugarCRM.


Here's the steps to get yourself up and running.


You'll need your own version of MySQL for this. As I use Debian testing as a host I just installed MySQL on it and have my SugarCRM boxes point to the host using the dockerhost entry in /etc/hosts.

There is nothing at all stopping you from creating another Docker instance running mysql but I figured this was an unnecessary step and getting data persistence working with Docker can be a little annoying.

Fill in Docker settings

Edit run.sh and change the containers ip to whatever your hosts ip is. Don't forget to set the folder to your SugarCRM code folder.

Edit files/vhost.conf if you wish to use a custom url to access Sugar or if you have multiple instances of SugarCRM installed.

Edit files/php.ini and change any settings you might want to customise with PHP here.

Tell SugarCRM to use the right MySQL database

In config.php I just set the mysql host to dockerhost

Hosts entry

Then on your host operating system make sure to point the virtualhost url to the box. For me, in my /etc/hosts I have this entry. sugar.dev


Because I've used stdout for logs you can see apache errors by running a command like this.

sudo docker logs -f sugarcrm72

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