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Lync 2012 Super Simple Auto Answer Video Kiosk with Full Screen, son.

I have a machine at my remote office in Seattle that is dedicated to Lync Video. For whatever reason the Lync folks don't include basic checkbox options like "Auto Answer" and "Start Video Automatically when someone calls" and "Make Video Fullscreen."

I have dozens of articles on my blog dedicated to Remote Work setup that I hope you check out.

So, I did all that myself using the Lync SDK. Which is a nightmare. But it's done, so that's something.

Feel free to have fun with the code, but I only guarantee that it "Works on My Machine.©™"

If you like it, give money to Diabetes Research.

A special nod to the InputSimulator project on CodePlex, as I'm using his excellent library. I'm also using the Lync 2010 Client Developer SDK.

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